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TopBuilder® offers a full building services which incorporates painting and decorating services.

We offer general painting and decortating services and focus on residential house painting, small offices and the like. Becuase of the range of services we offer our builders tend to be good general managers and we are able to offer a superior service when compared with smaller painters which focus on subcontracting to larger painting companies.  These small one man painting companies are sub contractors and dont have the skill sets and resources to service the general public properly. There is simply no comparison and we are the prefered choice for smaller painting projects.

As argued above small one man painting companies tend to focus on subcontracting. When you are subcontracting all your resources are provided for you, you have a very detailed specification and you are project managed. A small painting company may be an excellent sub-contractor but when you take these resources away the small painting contractor goes from excellent to poor.  In the whole however I would argue that a general building contractor is better suited for home painting and small commercial projects purely becuase they have better resources, better genral management skills and have the ability to think on therir feet.

When it comes top larger industrial complexes or muti story buildings where you need specialised equipment and tools or very specialised painting tecniques, then we suggest you contact a specialist painting company.


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Painting of building alterations, additions, extensions, renovations or new builds in South Africa.
Leading residential building and painting contractor in South Africa.
Skilled people has years of experience in the residential building and painting industry in South Africa.
Well established company that endeavours to fulfil all the requirements of an accomplished residential building and painting contractor in South Africa.
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High standard of quality at the most economical residential building an dpainting prices in South Africa.
Contractor for your construction and residential and home building and painting needs in South Africa.
Premier residential and small-scale commercial construction and painting company in South Africa.
Specializing in residential and home construction and painting in South Africa.
Custom home builders and painters in South Africa.

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